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A Scarf for Every Season

By Drake's

Jul 13, 2022

A Scarf for Every Season

The transition between seasons is rarely simple. During those unpredictable autumn days, a scarf can be your greatest ally.

Though it’s never a truth that one wishes to confront at this time of year, summer is well and truly over. And while autumn brings its attendant gloom and shorter days, it also promises the (always exciting) opportunity to start wearing proper fabrics – flannels, corduroys, cashmeres, brushed Shetland knits. However – here in the UK at least – the transition between seasons is rarely simple. Just as summer often arrives in fits and starts (or not at all, as the case may be), those who eagerly await winter, their wardrobes fully stocked with cold-weather garments, are invariably met with a confounding run of hot weather through September and October, or perhaps a bizarre oscillation between autumnal conditions, and those that incongruously resemble spring.

During these times, dressing can become something of a delicate art – one becomes lumbered with the additional daily task of ensuring that an outfit is adaptable enough to withstand a host of possible conditions. When the climate is as temperamental as this, the humble scarf becomes your most indispensable accessory. A brushed lambswool scarf or a heavy cashmere will come into its own once the temperatures really plummet, but the interim will demand something a little lighter and more versatile. Thankfully, for the Autumn / Winter 2017 season, our offer really does cover all the bases, from a mild chill to a deep freeze and everything in between.

We have printed wools and silks that will pair elegantly with tailoring, and lighter-weight cashmeres that will sit comfortably about the shoulders should one begin to feel a shiver. A collegiate-stripe scarf in a mix of silk and viscose has an unusual crinkled handle, adding a note of texture to an outfit, and for the real depths of winter there are some handsome brushed lambswool scarves with a raised nap and rich colours. As well as the element of practicality, each of these has the additional advantage of providing some bonus style points, too: there is no easier way to incorporate a dash of pattern or colour into an outfit than with a scarf, be it a muted regimental stripe, an intricate unicorn print, or a classic block check.

So, as we begin the long and unpredictable descent into winter, you may find that a versatile, transitional scarf will be prove to be your greatest ally.

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