Photographer James Harvey Kelly presents a candid and intimate line of sight into the studios and wardrobes of our favourite artists. Shirts handmade in Somerset, England by Drake’s.

(Portraits of Artists, in Shirts, in Studios.)
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Blank Canvas

On Shirting with Michael Hill, Creative Director

A shirt is the foundation of a man's wardrobe - a blank canvas for sartorial expression. How you wear it is a simple matter of taste.

Objectively, there is of course no correct way to carry the shirt on your back, only particularities, posturing and preference which can be surprisingly revealing about the man beneath.

At Drake's, we make our shirts how we like to wear them. They’re entirely handmade in our factory in Somerset, England by our astonishingly talented craftspeople. Through repetition and refinement, they produce each shirt to our exacting standards.

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