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Navy and White Knitted Silk Tie with Handsewn Spots

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Colour Variations


Made in Germany, a more textured casual choice. 100% silk.

Our knitted ties are the epitome of sartorial refinement. Crafted from quality raw silk and spun, dyed, and finished in Switzerland, the ties are knitted on hundred-year-old frames, which are slower than modern machinery, but ensure a superior quality. Ours are famous for their crunchy, 'cri de la soie' hand, the true mark of quality in knitted silk neckwear. The spots are embroidered individually, by hand.

  • Solid Design with Hand-Sewn Spots
  • 100% Silk
  • Made in Germany
  • Length varies from 139cm/54.72" -142cms/55.9"
  • Width varies from 6cm/2.36" - 6.5cm/2.56"
  • Please note we knit our ties slightly shorter than standard to account for a small amount of natural stretch.