The Rose Cord Mk. IV Games Suit and Cricket Jumper

The Rose Cord Mk. IV Games Suit and Cricket Jumper


Cut a dash in our new Mk. IV Games Suit, made from a rose-pink corduroy that’s quite simply outrageous. Following closely behind is our new sleeveless cricket jumper.


In menswear, there's a lot of talk about the essentials – navy blazers, white oxford shirts, grey flannel trousers. These things are important, undoubtedly, but acquiring clothing shouldn't just be a tick-box exercise. It's important to have some fun, and what's more fun than a pink suit? 

Some might balk at the idea, but this is surprisingly wearable. We're not talking bright pink satin, here. A fine gauge corduroy in a slightly faded, dusty pink calms things down, and the relaxed cut of our Games Suit means you can wear this anywhere.

And what to wear with it? As you can see from the pictures below, it pairs very nicely with our new cricket vest. Knitted from the same dense cotton-cashmere blend as the v-neck jumper and cardigan, this version jettisons the sleeves so is perfect for wearing under a tailored jacket, pink corduroy or not.


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