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A Smarter Parka

By Drake's

Jul 13, 2022

A Smarter Parka


Now then, now then. If there was a parallel universe where Liam Gallagher was someone with a slightly more discerning interest in fabrication. A more tailoring-inclined refraction of the cocksure frontman in the dusty military jacket swaying beneath the bright lights of the big stage, then we reckon he’d be particularly fond of our D-77 Parka.

The word parka is thought to roughly translate to ‘animal skin’ in the Nenets language. Worn by Inuit tribes to stay warm in harsh Arctic conditions, the original versions were made from seal or caribou skin and coated in fish oil for waterproofing. It’s a style that has since been adapted and worn by American G.I.’s during grim and chilly campaigns and by the original Mods cruising down Brighton beach on puttering Vespas. More than a century since its inception, it’s outerwear that is both classic and open to interpretation.

A new style for us, the D-77 is an elevated coat that is made in Italy from a cotton/nylon fabric that gives it the softness of a classic parka with the resilience of a technical overcoat. It has a corduroy collar and a detachable hood, with a cord adjustment at the waist and hem for protection against any unfortunate Knebworth downpours you might encounter. Other features include sturdy bellows pockets, raglan sleeves, adjustable cuffs, a locker loop and - giving it an adventurous finish - an interior passport pocket and a bellowed chest map pocket to help chart any potential courses into hostile territory… or just to navigate a long weekend in San Sebastian. 

Liam, when you get a chance to read this, we think you need a parka upgrade. Maybe something made from a technical Japanese fabric in one of Italy’s best mills. Something with highly considered design features and lots of pockets. A parka that combines the best of militaria with a refined, tailored silhouette. 

It's biblical. 

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