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Cotton-Linen Games Suits

By Drake's

Jul 13, 2022

Cotton-Linen Games Suits


You were fond of our cotton-linen Games Suits last time, so we thought we'd bring them back.


The Games Suit has become something of a signature of ours, and is it any wonder? It's our go-anywhere, do-anything, rough-and-tumble, knockabout take on tailoring. As we emerge from a long period of having nothing in particular to get dressed for, the Games Suit feels particularly relevant. It's a suit, so naturally it can be dressed up with a shirt and tie, no problem (just have a glance at these images if you need inspiration). But unlike other suits it has the added advantage of utmost versatility. 

There are nods to classic workwear throughout, from the patch pockets to the absence of structure and padding. The cloth, too, has a rugged, rumpled feel to it which signals its hardiness and durability. Where a fine worsted suit might be a little hard to dress down, the Games Suit has no such problem. As well as oxford shirts and jumbo repp ties, we've also styled it here with our Hiking T-Shirt, which feels like an obvious complement to the Games Suit's laid-back charms. 

Adding to the Games Suit's Swiss Army sense of utility, it can also be broken up easily. We sell the Games Blazer (the peak lapelled Mk. II, this time) and Games Chinos separately, so you can pick and choose, or buy the full suit and wear it differently each day. The Games Chinos have a high rise, single pleat, and a fuller leg, which gives them a flattering silhouette when worn with knitwear or a casual jacket. And the Games Blazer Mk. II looks fantastic worn with an oxford shirt and jeans.

You could even say that the Games Suit is less a suit, and more a portal to a world of possibilities. Step inside. 


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