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The Autumnal 'Fun' Suede Jacket

By Drake's

Jul 13, 2022

The Autumnal 'Fun' Suede Jacket


The 'fun' suede jacket returns in a palette of muted, earthy tones.


As some of you may remember, late last year we undertook a little sartorial experiment. Our Heavyweight Suede Five-Pocket Chore jacket had already become a firm favourite among staff and customers alike, and we were considering some new colourways. We were in Tuscany, visiting the workshop where the jackets are made, when we found an assortment of suede odds and ends in bright, primary colours. This gave us an idea.

Taking inspiration from those classic ‘fun’ shirts from the mid-20th century that were conceived in order to use up leftover shirting fabrics, we made a single prototype jacket composed of contrasting panels of suede. It was bold, daring, and more than a little bit ridiculous. We loved it, and thought some of you might, too, so we produced a limited run, which proved popular.

We decided to bring the fun suede jacket back for this year, but opted for a more subdued, autumnal approach. The result is another patchwork of contrasting suede panels, but this time in rich, earthy shades of peat and tree bark. “We were thrilled with how the first one turned out, but understood that it wasn’t for everyone,” explains Michael Hill, our Creative Director. “We were looking to do a more accessible version, and given the time of year an autumn-friendly palette seemed to make the most sense. This year’s fun suede chore jacket is incredibly easy to fit into an outfit, whether that’s an old denim shirt and jeans, or chunky knitwear and a pair of cords. On top of all of that it will wear in beautifully, moulding to its owner and taking on character over time.”

There you have it: the perfect piece of transitional outerwear which truly embodies the autumn season.


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