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Simon Crompton: My Made-to-Order Tie

By Simon Crompton

Jul 13, 2022

Simon Crompton: My Made-to-Order Tie

Permanent Style's Simon Crompton tells us what he loves about his made-to-order Drake's tie.

My Cloth

The ground colour was the first thing that hit me about this silk. I've found from long (and painful) experience that muted versions of colours such as green, brown and orange are the most sophisticated and versatile. If the colour of a tie is too strong, it immediately becomes harder to wear. Fine for a summer sports jacket, perhaps, but tricky otherwise. So I'm always on the look out for an olive green such as this.

My Construction

I've always favoured a nine-centimetre tie - I find it is the best balance between tradition and modernity. I like a hand-rolled finish, rather than tipping - it feels more like you are wearing just the silk itself. And I prefer a light interlining for the same reason - this is a silk accessory after all, not a wool/cotton one. 

You can find examples in the market of all three things: of 9cm, of hand rolling, of light linings. But getting all three together is impossible. Add in the fact that I don't want a keeper on the back (because I just don't use it, and form should follow function) and you're left with a highly specific spec that can only be fulfilled with a personal order.

How I Wear It

The thing I love about this design is it could work with a grey or navy business suit, but also with most varieties of sports jacket. This is hard to find in a printed silk. Often they are dark colours with some small geometric design, and too formal for a casual tweed. You are left with knits, wools or ancient madder. But this olive with a combination of navy and orange details is perfect.

Like anything made for you, it feels very personal. It is my tie; it is not anyone else's. I may well see someone in the same silk - and that would be a lovely coincidence - but this feels very individual and specific to my taste.

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