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A Closer Look at This Season's Printed Scarves

By Lena Dystant

Jul 13, 2022

A Closer Look at This Season's Printed Scarves

We peer through the magnifying glass at some of this season's most vibrant prints.

Being a brand that’s steeped in manufacturing history, it’s not uncommon for us to dive into the minutiae of the processes that go into making our exquisite products. However, something we do less frequently is to take a magnifying glass to our beloved printed designs. When Drake’s was established in 1977, scarves were the company’s bread and butter, and in the ensuing decades we have become synonymous with these intricately printed accessories.

Rich, detailed designs are very much at the heart of our identity. Many of these patterns and illustrations have lived in our archives for decades, and some are as old as the company itself. Testament to the power of timeless design, these prints have endured and still appear (albeit in new and updated forms) on scarves and pocket squares each season. To attentive Drake’s watchers, motifs such as the tiger, the mounted Mughal hunters, unicorns, and birds of paradise will have become familiar calling cards, as much a part of the Drake’s DNA as a knitted silk tie.

We pride ourselves on the varied and often fantastical nature of our designs. As well as those motifs mentioned above, feudal villages, flamingos, elephants, zebras, giraffes, ancient tribes and Egyptian pharaohs have all made appearances on our scarves, at one time or another. A jacket or shirt emblazoned with mythical animals would probably not be an appealing prospect to most men, but a printed scarf allows for a touch of exoticism or eccentricity to be introduced to an otherwise rather sober ensemble, while remaining classic, elegant and – crucially – understated.

These scarves do not shout or overpower other garments; rather they create a striking visual impression, which, when examined more closely, reveals its depth and detail. This season’s offer is particularly rich in sumptuous motifs, from an Indian-inspired kilim design, to a luscious print comprising flowers and exotic birds. Pair one with just about anything, and you have your pattern quota covered.

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