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Drake's with The Rake

By Drake's

Jul 13, 2022

Drake's with The Rake

The Rake's Ryan Thompson discusses our latest collaboration with the magazine, comprising a rugged casual look, and a classic tailored ensemble.

This month marks Drake's short but significant move from Clifford Street in Mayfair to a literal stone's through away on the most famous menswear street in the world, Savile Row. For a company that started out as a haberdashery, the change of address signifies a tremendous ascension into the big league. Indeed, Drake's story is something akin to a menswear Moneyball, plumbing a unique line, against all the odds, while the long-in-tooth fall by the wayside. 


Creative Director Michael Hill has carefully guided this niche sartorial brand through the minefield that is men's retail, never watering down the brand's unique and playful aesthetic. In turn, he has amassed a veritable army of fans unlike any other house on the Row. While the big, old denizens of said street have been loathe to change their outlook on the world, Drake's has always brought a light-hearted approach to their designs, never falling into the trap of taking themselves too seriously. The result is fantastically versatile and wearable suits, separates and accessories.

So we're thrilled to be able to present to you an exclusive capsule collection on the eve of Drake's ascension to Savile Row, one which perfectly encapsulates the house's brand of casual tailoring. Foremost among the pieces is a dark brown cotton suit that comes with just a hint of shabby chic about it. It's of course perfect for wearing as a two-piece but equally adept as separates. Accompanying it is a striking turquoise, gold and navy repp silk tie and two shirt styles: one, a classic blue striped number for more formal situations, while the second is a denim cotton style which makes for a brilliantly casual alternative (by all means pair the tie with the denim shirt).

The combination of these pieces make up plenty of options for your working week, but Drake's have also created two workwear-inspired pieces for weekend wear, namely a brown check wool chore jacket and a pair of light khaki cotton jeans. The former style has very much been a permanent bleep on the menswear radar of late, in part due to its fantastic versatility. The latter are a nice lightweight alternative to heavier selvedge denim and provide the perfect foil for the chore jacket.

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