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  • The Revue July 2021

    July has arrived and our second strange summer is in full swing. With life slowly returning to something approaching familiar, we bring the Revue back to its early days of around-town suggestions, this month tentatively venturing beyond the UK, a little something for our readers located in some of our favourite cities. Read on.

  • Introducing Our New Swim Shorts

    Whether you're off to the lido or the lake, you need a good pair of swim shorts. Ours are an elegant design inspired by midcentury examples. Cut from a quick-drying nylon, they're available in a number of styles.

  • Howzat?! The Cricket Jumper at Drake's

    Where other bits of sporting apparel have faded into obscurity, the cricket jumper remains. We now offer our own take on this timeless item in v-neck and cardigan forms, as well as the recently introduced sleeveless cricket vest. Writer and musician Tony Sylvester is a sworn aficionado of cricket knitwear (if not the sport itself), and unpacks for us its enduring appeal.

  • Corduroy Shorts

    Perhaps more commonly associated with winter trousers, corduroy is perfect for summer shorts, too. We bring ours back in a range of seasonal tones.

  • Japanese Towelling Beach Chore

    We welcome a laid back, beachy reinvention of our chore jacket, cut from an extraordinary indigo-dyed towelling cloth from Japan, that will fade, age, and patinate beautifully.

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