The Summer Lookbook

How Courage Put LA Bagels on the Map

Everyone knows that New York is a bagel town, but not Los Angeles. LA is a smoothie town, a sushi town, a lot of different things town, but bagels... those belong to NYC. 

For Arielle Skye and Chris Moss, the couple behind Courage Bagels, a very LA success story, it was exactly that sense of scepticism that motivated them to set out on their own. 

Duncan Hannah’s Cars

A couple of years before he died, Duncan Hannah described his approach to painting in an interview. “I wanted to tell stories in my pictures,” he said. “I wanted to create worlds that people could escape into.” Hannah went on to draw a parallel with Alfred Hitchcock movies and their establishing shots, “picture-postcard perfect, except it’s not.” This was exactly what Hannah was trying to do, to “put menace in a landscape,” to “paint something really beautiful that’s got a subtext of sorrow.”

Andreotti & Baribeaud for Drake's

On a spring trip to Biarritz, on France's Basque coast, Sophia Andreotti and Edouard Baribeaud found inspiration while sat at a small plastic table facing out towards the town’s port. With watercolours in-hand, the couple began to emulate the shades of the small nautical scene playing out ahead of them. The faded blue of a fishing net, the salt-exposed hull of a boat, a rope left to dry in the French sunshine. 

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