Bespoke Services

Bespoke and Custom Made Tie Service

In the Spirit of Savile Row Bespoke

In the spirit of Savile Row bespoke tailoring, Drake's is proud to offer superbly handcrafted neckwear to your personal order. Each of the tie lengths offered within our bespoke service has been crafted from individual master patterns graded perfectly to the appropriate length of the tie so that the knot area is neither too wide nor too narrow. 

Select from the following lengths (in cms):
• 140 and 144cm in 7 or 8cm widths.
• 148, 152 and 156cm in 7, 8 or 9cm widths.
• 160 and 164cm in 8, 9 or 10cm widths.

In the spirit of transparency, please note there is a 1 cm tolerance on either side of the designated measurement for lengths quoted simply because that is as close as hand-craftsmanship can come when working with fine silks.

On how to establish your correct length, it’s best to work from a personal tie that is nearest to the length you have in mind. A simple guide would be to measure the tie from the tip of the front blade to the tip of the tail. Then tie the tie using your knot of choice, have someone measure how much longer both the front and tail need to be in order to reach to just above the trouser waistband.  Add these measures to the length of the tie and deduct 2cms to allow for fabric stretch; as a rule of thumb, printed fabrics are inclined to stretch more than woven fabrics.

Interlining:  light, regular, or heavy weight, as a guide, for standard production, our 7cm ties are lined with the lightest weight and all other shapes are lined with regular weight lining. The choice is yours.

 For our bespoke service we request a minimum of three ties of identical specifications in the same or different fabrics. The cost for custom work is 125 pounds per tie. The turnaround time is 2 – 4 weeks. Contact:

Bespoke Wedding Ties

In addition to our wedding tie selection available online we also offer a colour matching service against swatches supplied by you for wedding parties. These ties will be made by hand in finest English woven silk reppe. A minimum order of 8 bespoke ties is requested. The turnaround time for this service is 6-8 weeks. The cost per tie is £85.00 in our standard length which is 147/148cm. Contact:

Formal Weddings and Occasions

Along with the wedding selection mentioned above, we are able to suggest other fabrics specifically suitable for morning dress wear and formal occasions, which can be ordered directly from our Formal Wear section.

Corporate Ties and Gifts

Our corporate bespoke tie service is unparalleled in attention to detail and quality. All ties are handmade with finest English silks to our exacting standards. We also provide tonal embroidered logos on our 100% highest quality cashmere scarves. Please contact us with regard to prices and minimum orders. Contact: